ØwiWelcome to Mosjøen Recording (MOSREC). After many fulfilling years immersed in the fields of music, software development, and digital media development, I've chosen to return to my roots in my beloved hometown of Mosjøen. This decision has led to the creation of MOSREC, a personal passion project that marries my love for music and creativity in a truly intimate setting.

MOSREC is my home studio and my personal workspace where I focus on songwriting, music production, and recording. As it is based in my home, it is not available for rent and is mainly a space for me to express my creativity and work on my projects.

However, I am also offering remote services to clients from all over the world. Whether you need help with music production, songwriting, or remote guitar sessions, I am here to help bring your musical vision to life in a collaborative and personalized manner.


You will find MOSREC in the heart of Mosjøen, a quiet little town situated just south of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. While currently based within my private residence, I have plans to move to a dedicated space when the time is right. This will make it possible for artists and bands to visit and collaborate on special projects.

The studio will remain a personal space and will likely not be available as a rentable facility. It will continue to be my home of creativity, with the added opportunity to welcome other artists into this creative space for collaborations.

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